Cut the Costs, Not the Innovation

Mission Microsystems Inc. is an electronic design, consulting, and ODM manufacturing firm specializing in led product design, motor controls and other consumer products since 1981. We have complete turnkey product development capability including initial product definition, circuit design, embedded software design, HB LED Design and Energy Star Compliance, RF wireless design, PCB design, industrial design, and injection molded tooling design through complete product manufacturing in China. We have SMT and through-hole assembly, test, packaging and world-wide shipment capabilities.

Electronic Design

Electronic Design ConsultantMission Microsystems offers a wide range of services: circuit design, software design, industrial design and tooling design.

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China Manufacturing

Outsourced China ManufacturingThe real key to manufacturing in China is the combination of high quality low cost labor, a local electronics infrastructure to produce the components required by the product (such as resistors, capacitors, LCD’s, keypads, plastic molding, etc), and a government committed to supporting a pro-business climate . Without all of these elements, it would not be possible to produce a quality product at a competitive price.

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HB LED Product Design

LED Product DesignLED lighting is a new revolution promising high energy efficiency, high reliability, and environmentally friendly technologies. LED’s are yet to penetrate many large volume markets due to their relatively high price. We can HELP meet your cost goals with our design techniques and low cost manufacturing.

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