Electronic Design

Why choose Mission Microsystems Inc . as your technical partner for design, development, and manufacturing when there are thousands of pages talented consultants, competent contract manufacturers, volume oriented plastics molders, import/export agents, etc. on the Web? Many claim they do “complete product development” which for them means an “assembled printed circuit board”, or maybe they wrote the “complete” embedded software for “XYZ Company’s” widget or Windows program. When we say complete product design, manufacturing, and shipping, we mean:

Electronic Design Consulting Services

Mission Microsystems is a member of the Microchip Technology Inc consultant program (entire PIC (10F to DSPIC) and analog lines), Texas Instruments Inc. MSP430 consultant program, and Zilog Inc. Z8/Encore consultant program. Need RF wireless? Mission Microsystems routinely designs wireless products to pass FCC Part 15 remote control, Part 68 Telephone, and CE Mark wireless compliance, and can get these certifications for you. Our design staff has real-world design experience with UL 544 (Medical devices) 1563 (Spa Equipment), and 1795 (Bath Hydro massage). William McDonough, president of Mission Microsystems, has over 30 years of hands-on design experience on everything from manned-space flight electronic controls to disposable consumer plastic items. Mission Microsystems knows how to DFM (design for manufacturing) a consumer product that can be built economically in China. Mr. McDonough has been writing software for embedded processors since the invention of the device itself! You can generally reach us between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM Pacific Time.

PCB Design, Assembly and MCPCB Manufacturing

Mission Microsystems can convert the design into a printed circuit board for your application, either through-hole or SMT. What is more, we know what are the appropriate tradeoffs in the layout depending on the place of manufacture, volume, and size requirements. There are big differences in designing for the Chinese contract manufacturer (CM) market versus the American CM market- we can help! Our PC designer has over 30 years experience in the business doing just this.

Plastic Design, Machined Prototypes and Tooling

OK, most of our “complete product development” competitors have stopped here now after the first two categories! But what if your needs do not stop with just an assembled board? We can do the mechanical design and electromechanical packaging and integration to get your complete product developed with minimal coordination problems. Many companies do their electronic design in-house then contract the plastic design only to go through endless coordination and “finger-pointing” sessions trying to get the two disciplines to produce a finished design. Tooling costs in China are often 50 to 75 % less than in America for quality hard-steel injection mold. You cannot afford NOT to look at China for your next plastic molding requirement! Our plastic design manager has over 40 years experience with high-volume plastic molding.

Custom LCD / Silicon Rubber Keypad/ membrane Keypad Design and Manufacturing

It is no secret: virtually all of the world’s segmented LCD’s are manufactured in China as well as the vast bulk of rubber and membrane switches. We work directly with the manufacturers to design and fabricate these items cost effectively. Many so-called US LCD or rubber keypad “manufacturers” are really “agents”, sales representatives or “brokers” who essentially have little technical understanding of the products or their applications. We deal direct for the most cost-effective solutions to your problems.

Sensors, cables, and transformers

Does your product need a custom transformer or temperature sensor or cable assembly? Mission Microsystems can manufacture these in China in many instances for far less than the cost of a “standard” device in America. Your “complete product development” is not really complete without these!

Shipping cartons, user’s manuals, brochures, blister packages, etc.

Saving money on a product does not just stop with a manufactured circuit board in a case. Mission Microsystems can design and construct the shipping box and shipping cartons as well as print your user’s manual and other brochure. We can pack them up and place them in your shipping carton for transport via sea freight direct to your location, ready to ship or sell to your customer. With labor rates still under one US dollar per hour, why should you waste valuable and expensive time putting products into cases, then cases into boxes, boxes into shipping containers, etc at $6-$10 per hour? Why not just receive your product at your dock, ready to re-ship to your customers?


Mission Microsystems can arrange shipment of your product worldwide via cost effective ocean freight or via expedited delivery (UPS/FEDEX). Let our experts arrange the most effective plan for you.

Quality/ terms

Our manufacturing operations are certified ISO 9001: 2000 . Purchase Orders and payments are accepted via business checks in US dollars and are handled through our Huntington Beach office with net-30 terms. Much more convenient than dealing with letters of credit and foreign currency exchanges.

This remote control operates from 4 “AAA” batteries and uses a Texas Instruments MSP430F413 16-bit microcontroller driving a custom LCD display and 418 Mhz Amplitude-modulated (AM) data link. The receiver operates on 115 VAC and uses a Microchip PIC 16C621A 8-bit microcontroller driving a 100W at 6 distinct speeds and 400 watts of dual independently controlled lights.

First we do the product concepts, often with artist’s conceptions here in California:

Electronic Design Consultant

From this product definition, we proceeded to design the circuit in California:

Electronic Design Engineer
In parallel, we were designing the tooling in China:

Complete Product Development

Then we wrote the software (in assembly):


; MAIN PROGRAM LOOP HERE. Code above this line only executes on

; POWER UP CLEAR. Below is repetitive loop


MAIN      nop
bit.b #FL250,flag2     ;250ms tick?
jc MAIN1
MAIN2      #00000111B,p2keynbsp;     ;all rows first
call #out_row     ;update
call #getkey     ;read keys
jz MAIN3     ;no, loop until key done
; Got a key, then debounce it
mov.b #1,p2key     ;first row
scan call #out_row     ;output it
call #delay     ;wait a short bit
call #getkey     ;see if a down
jnz gotkey     ;any down?
; No, then try next row
rlc.b p2key     ;try next row
bit.b #00001000b,p2key     ;test for rollover
jc no_good     ;done, nokeys
jmp scan     ;try next row;
MAIN1     bic.b #FL250,flag2         ;reset tick
call #RotBlade     ;run blades
jmp MAIN2
;MAIN3     bit.b #KTF,flag2     ;do we have key timer?
; No, then switch to LPM here
;7/2/01 added lines to enable keyinterrupts, disable Timer!
bic.b #BTIE, &IE2     ;DISable Timer Interrupt
bis.b #01110000b, &P0IE     ;<–enble Interrupts
; bic.b #LEDS, &P0OUT     ;Insure LEDS OFF
mov.b #00000111b, &P0OUT     ;insure LED OFF, Scan ON

While the above was proceeding, we designed a custom LCD and Printed Circuit Board and fabricated some samples in China:

Embedded Software Design

And the tooling of the plastic case and rubber keypad were proceeding in China:

Turnkey Product Design

Finally, with a finished product, we performed the FCC Part 15 certification testing at Compatible Electronics in California:

Compliance Engineering

Some other Example Turnkey Products

RF wireless (304 MHZ) wall switch transmitter using Zilog Z86E02. Replaces standard single-gang wall 120 VAC toggle switch.
4-station Lawn sprinkler, circa 1988. Uses Sanyo 4-bit mask ROM microcontroller.
Not so Lethal Weapon! Paintball gun controlled by a PIC 12C508!
Coming Soon! ITT HydroAir HydroTouch Digital Bath Control with variable speed 1.5 HP pump motor. Powered by PIC 16F872.
A custom tooled connector with a passive monitor using a PIC12C671!
Bath pump test station. 20KW worth of pump control using a PIC16F877 with a lot of SSR’s & a PC!