Low-cost 1300 lumen LED Light

Sep 19, 2010   //   LED Lighting
High Brightness Low Cost LED Energy Star
This is a low cost line operated LED light capable of about 1300 gross lumens output at a color temperature of about 2800K using 54 of the STW8Q LED’s. In order to save cost, we are using an FR4 board instead of the thermally superior but expensive “metal core” PCB in conjunction with a low cost aluminum heat sink. The driver is simple PIC12HV615 based 8-bit device acting as a constant current regulator instead of a buck converter to save cost and minimize EMI radiation. The BoM for the driver is about $1.00. It should produce about 70 Lumens per watt, above the Energy Star limit of 60 Lumens per watt.

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