Patent: Switched-output Controller Apparatus with Repeater Function

Jul 13, 1999   //   Blog

Us patent issued for switched-output controller apparatus with repeater function. US Patent 5,923,103

An electronic switched-output controller apparatus comprises a plurality of relays for providing a plurality of controlled switched outputs, the relays being selected from the group consisting of power relays, signal switching relays, dry contact closing relays and combinations thereof, each of the relays having a corresponding relay operating coil. A power section is configured for receiving AC line power and for providing internal operating DC voltage and is connected for providing line AC power to any power relays and thereby to corresponding outputs when the corresponding power relay coils are actuated, and for providing DC voltage to any signal switching relays and thereby to corresponding outputs when the corresponding switching signal relay coils are activated. A microcontroller is connected for receiving at least one operating DC voltage and has outputs connected to the relay coils, the microcontroller being programmable so as to activate one or more of the relay coils in accordance with a preestablished protocol for operation of said relays. An RS485 or RS 482 network, having a parallel-connected RS232 network, is connected to the microcontroller for receiving commands from an external source and for relaying the received signals to another switched-output controller apparatus at a remote distance of up to about 4000 feet. A corresponding method of constructing a switched-output controller apparatus and system is provided.

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