Marvell Semiconductor Surprises with 88EM8183 LED Driver chip

Feb 20, 2012   //   LED News

Marvell Semiconductor company would probably be the LAST company you name when selected a low end LED driver for a Triac-dimmable LED Bulb Design, but they have surprised quite a few people with their new 88EM8183 DRIVER IC. While their first entry into the highly competitive low margin driver market was the 88EN8080/8081 which was designed for single stage single string LED bulbs and the 88EN8801 designed for multiple string applications, they were relatively “me too” LED driver products.

Somebody has done their homework, however, as the new 88EM8183 is a study in the minimum external parts count to implement a leading edge (Triac) dimmable LED driver with the minimum parts count BoM. Check it out: Marvell-88EM8183-Product-Brief.pdf

In spite of the very few components, the device features:

  • Claimed best in class dimming capability down to 1%
  • On chip high voltage startup supply
  • Quasi resonant Control Design for with Power Factor Correction (PFC) to achieve PF near 95%
  • On chip High voltage startup circuitry to minimize BoM costs
  • Advanced dimming control to work with leading edge (Triac) and trailing edge dimmers.
  • Primary side control with 2% output current accuracy without the use of Opto-couplers.
  • Soft start capability
  • Thermal Sensing input

All with a minimum of external active or passive components. The device is sampling now.

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