HB LED Product Design

LED lighting is a new revolution promising high energy efficiency, high reliability, and environmentally friendly technologies. Everyone knows that although they are low cost and provide high light output, CFL’s are doomed in the long term due to the use of toxic mercury gas. But in spite of the promise, LED’s are yet to penetrate many large volume markets due to their relatively high price. We can HELP meet your cost goals with our design techniques and low cost manufacturing.

Probably the biggest obstacle in designing an LED lighting product is that it requires diverse expertise in many design disciplines, primarily circuit design, thermal design, and optical design. Many competent circuit designers are baffled by the optical design aspects. Likewise, if you ignore the thermal design aspects, the product will be unreliable. And virtually all the LED designs we do are APPLICATION SPECIFIC to a particular customer or application.

LED Product Design and Manufacturing Services

We specialize in the development of low-cost, reliable and highly efficient LED modules, engines and drivers- developed specifically for your application. We can custom tailor a LED design and manufacturing solution for you that includes:

  • AC, DC and HV LED Light Engine and Design
  • Constant Current AC and DC drivers
  • PCB prototyping (FR-4 Single and Multilayer, MCPCB (Metal Core) Prototyping
  • Machined Plastics Prototypes
  • Energy Star and UL Compliance Testing
  • Complete LED Product Manufacturing

Energy Star LED Luminaires Compliance Engineering

Mission Micro can help meet the the Energy Star Program Requirements for Solid State Lighting Luminaires. We specialize in engineering lower-cost LED products that can meet the new and more strict Energy Star program requirements including testing for the LM-79 and LM-80 compliance requirements.

We have the expertise to design your LED lighting product, whether it be low cost low brightness or high brightness sophisticated design. We can design the circuits, design the PCB including Metalclad processes, select the optics, and build them to last.